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About new Build-To-Order HDB flats in Singapore:

Dec 4, 2013

Tampines HDB Floor Plan

New BTO Flats (Singapore): Tampines HDB Floor Plan

We update you on Tampines HDB Floor Plan in the Sale of Balance Flats scheme.

This is for a Executive Apartment unit in Tampines Block 147.

Tampines HDB Floor Plan:

Tampines HDB Floor Plan is for personal use only and not for sale.

This HDB residential property new BTO flats update is for personal use only.


Dec 2, 2013

Joint Singles Scheme

New BTO Flats (Singapore): Joint Singles Scheme

The Joint Singles Scheme allows two to four single citizens to jointly buy an HDB flat from the open market.

You and your co-applicant(s) must meet the following Joint Singles Scheme eligibility conditions:

Joint Singles Scheme Criteria Details:

Citizenship= You and all the co-applicants must be Singapore Citizens.
Age= You and your co-applicants will have to meet the following age criteria:

Unmarried Person or Divorcee= 35 years or above
Widowed Person= 21 years or above
Orphan= 21 years or above

Joint Singles Scheme Special Conditions:
You must buy the flat jointly as co-applicants.

If you are an orphan,
at least one of your deceased parents was a Singapore Citizen (SC) or a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) and

if you are aged below 35 years, you must not have another sibling who is below 35 years old and buying/owning another flat under the:
-Orphans Scheme, or
-Single Singapore Citizen Scheme, or
-Joint Singles Scheme

Joint Singles Scheme Income Ceiling:
There is no income ceiling unless you are applying for a CPF Housing Grant or an HDB Loan.

Joint Singles Scheme Ownership/Interest in Property in Singapore or Overseas other than HDB flats:
If you or any person listed in your resale flat application owns private residential property (locally or overseas), you may still buy a resale flat without any CPF housing grant or HDB loan but you must dispose of the private property within six months of the purchase of the resale flat.

Joint Singles Scheme Ethnic Integration Policy and SPR Quota:
Proportion of your ethnic group and SPR quota (if applicable) has not reached the set limit.

CPF Housing Grant:

Under the Joint Singles Scheme, if you are aged 35 years or above, you may apply for the CPF Housing Grant for Singles if you meet all the eligibility conditions.

This HDB residential property new BTO flats update is for personal use only.