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Feb 8, 2011

Latest BTO Projects

Demand drops for latest BTO projects

We update you on latest news about latest BTO projects in Singapore's latest HDB residential property scene.

Read this latest article about the latest BTO projects in 2011:

SINGAPORE: The three latest Build-To-Order (BTO) projects by the Housing Board Development in Bukit Batok and Yishun are not seeing the same level of interest as the previous project in Punggol.

With hours to go to the close of applications, the three projects have received on average close to two applicants for each unit offered.

In contrast, the Punggol Topaz BTO project had nearly seven applicants for each unit offered.

The Golden Daisy BTO project in Bukit Batok, which comprises 180 studio apartments, had three applicants for each unit.

Vista Spring is the more popular of the two BTO projects in Yishun.

There were more than two applicants for each of the 276 five-room units.

The other BTO project in Yishun, Orchid Spring, had about 1.5 applicants for each unit.

The bigger units are more popular, with almost two applicants for each unit offered.

In contrast, the 192 two-room units received only 124 applications.

Source: Channel News Asia
By Mustafa Shafawi | Posted: 07 February 2011

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