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Apr 2, 2011

HDB BTO Option Fee

HDB BTO Option Fee (Singapore)

When you purchase a BTO residential flat from HDB, you have to pay HDB BTO Option Fee. This HDB BTO option fee is also known as booking fee.

HDB BTO Option Fee depends on the type of residential HDB BTO unit that you intend to purchase from Housing & Development Board of Singapore.

The range of this residential HDB BTO Option Fee is shown below.

HDB BTO Option Fee:

The option fee (also known as booking fee) is :

$250 for Studio Apartment HDB BTO Option Fee,

$500 for 2-room, $1,000 for 3-room flat HDB BTO Option Fee, and

$2,000 for 4-room and bigger flat HDB BTO Option Fee.

The HDB BTO option fee can be paid by Cash, Cheque or NETS.

This residential HDB BTO option fee update is for personal use only.


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