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May 28, 2011

Tampines GreenLeaf

BTO Flat (Singapore): Tampines GreenLeaf

A new HDB BTO called Tampines GreenLeaf has been launched in Singapore by HDB.

Tampines GreenLeaf offers a selection of 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-room Standard flats. You can choose from flats in Tampines GreenLeaf now during selection.

There are no Studio Apartments in Tampines GreenLeaf BTO.

All the Tampines GreenLeaf BTO units come with three-quarter height windows in the living/dining area.

Indicative price range for Tampines Greenleaf BTO is given :

Flat Type | Floor Area (sqm) | Price Range ($)
2-Room= 47 $120,000 - $149,000
3-Room= 67 - 68 $186,000 - $236,000
4-Room= 92 - 93 $288,000 - $361,000
5-Room= 113 $371,000 - $444,000

This Tampines GreeenLeaf BTO residential property update is for personal use only.


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