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Dec 1, 2012

2013 HDB BTO

New BTO Flats (Singapore): 2013 HDB BTO

Are you looking for the 2013 HDB BTO launch details?

Where are the housing estates for the 2013 HDB BTO launches in Singapore? In which neighbourhoods will the new 2013 HDB BTO be available for purchase? What are the sales prices going to be for 2013 HDB BTO units in SIngapore?

Yes we know you have many questions on the 2013 HDB BTO launches in Singapore.

This is why we will bring you details of the new 2013 HDB BTO launch information for as soon as the property news update is released by HDB.

Read about the 2013  HDB BTO launches on our site.

We will update you on the 2013 HDB BTO in due course.

March 2013 BTO launch update:

Jan 2013 BTO Launch:

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