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Nov 1, 2013

2013 HDB BTO Pricing

New BTO Flats (Singapore): 2013 HDB BTO Pricing

We share some information on 2013 HDB BTO pricing with our avid readers this day in 2013.

2013 HDB BTO pricing serves only as a guide.

Final 2013 HDB BTO pricing depends on unit, floor, number of rooms and other factors.

2013 HDB BTO Pricing Standard Flats
(Matilda Edge In Punggol at September 2013 launch)

2Room Flats:

Floor Area = 37 sqm
Indicative Pricing Range = $81,000 to $105,000

Floor Area = 48 sqm
Indicative Pricing Range = $107,000 to $134,000

3Room Flats:

68 sqm
$176,000 to $215,000

4Room Flats:

93 sqm
$279,000 to $343,000

This HDB residential property new BTO flats update is for personal use only.


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