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Jul 21, 2011

July BTO Application Numbers

New BTO Flats (Singapore): July BTO Application Numbers

This July BTO Application Numbers post allows you to find out the number of applications received in the latest HDB BTO launch application in 2011 Singapore.

July BTO Application Numbers :

Flat Application Category / Flat Type
No of Flats
Number of Applications Received

Tampines N1 C13
Golden Carnation
(Standard Contract) 
Studio Apartment 149 545

Jurong West N4 C21
Golden Orchid
(Standard Contract) 
Studio Apartment 232 351

Sengkang N4 C20
Fernvale Riverbow
(Standard Contract) 
3-room 168 672

5-room 717 2377
Sengkang N4 C20 / N3 C18
Fernvale Riverbow / Anchorvale Isles
(Standard Contract) 
4-room 944 3074

Bukit Panjang N5 C15
Segar Palmview
(Standard Contract) 
3-room 119 327

Bukit Panjang N4 C13A
Segar Meadows
(Premium Contract) 
3-room 60 233

Bukit Panjang N5 C15 / N4 C13A
Segar Palmview / Segar Meadows
(Standard / Premium Contract) 
4-room 590 1563

Bukit Panjang N5 C15
Segar Palmview
(Standard Contract) 
5-room 213 810

Yishun N3 C20
Yishun Natura
(Premium contract) 
3-room 112 410
4-room 140 1064
5-room 112 690

TOTAL no. of flats - 3556
TOTAL Applications Number = 12116

Note :
1. The Number of Applications Received is as at midnight on 20 July 2011. Allocation of flats is subject to prevailing eligibility conditions, availability of flats and Ethnic Integration Policy.

2. HDB will assess the application received before deciding whether to offer the contract for booking.

3. After the booking exercise, HDB will assess the take-up before deciding whether to proceed to build the flats for the contract.

This July BTO Application Numbers update is for personal use only.


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