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About new Build-To-Order HDB flats in Singapore:

Mar 1, 2012

HDB 2-Room BTO

New BTO Flats (Singapore): HDB 2-Room BTO

HDB offers 2-room flats for sale to provide more affordable housing options for the lower income households called HDB 2-Room BTO flats.

These HDB 2-Room BTO flats are typically about 45 square metres in area. Each HDB 2-Room BTO comes with:

A living area that may be subdivided into an extra room, if needed
A kitchen
One bedroom with attached bathroom and
Storeroom-cum-apartment shelter

HDB 2-Room BTO comes with 99-year lease.

Prices of HDB 2-Room BTO are generally the cheapest BTO. HDB 2-Room BTO are affordable for many applicants looking to purchase a HDB 2-Room BTO.

This HDB residential property new BTO flats update is for personal use only.


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